FACES by M  

"uncovering your inner goddess"

M A R I - M A K E U P  A R T I S T

Based in Washington state, Mari is a married mother of 3 beautiful children and a lover of all things creative - whether it's fashion, photography, architecture, or interiors - you name it!  

Though she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, she always found herself going back to makeup artistry.  She has studied the art independently for the past 15+ years. She can recreate any look given to her with the ability to adjust it on each person so that it complements them.  The innovator that she is, Mari consistently keeps up with the trends and works to perfect her techniques. 

Mari with GlamLab SEA students 2017

"Enhancing one's features...whether my client wants a more natural makeup look or a sexy, dramatic one - is something I've always been passionate about.  I simply love helping people feel confident because it is then that their inner beauty shines through."  ~ Mari


Each individual's looks are unique and sets them apart from everyone else.  I am focused on bringing out each person's best features and providing the highest level of professionalism – I will work with my clients until they are satisfied with the results!